Lobster Bisque

Having to start from the bottom is hard. New town, new apartment, new clients, new stores, new friends, new food, new drinks. I decided to do something I have loved to do one of my  ‘old’ hobbies (took me a minute but I got there) I still love to cook. Its just me and my … Continue reading Lobster Bisque


I’ve been struggling for the last two years trying to get my Culinary Arts career started. It’s taken way longer than I thought it would. I went to two different schools, accumulated three years. I’m young and hard working but nothing big seems to come my way. I’ve catered small intricate parties, a few wedding … Continue reading Growing

Two weeks.

Clean eating isn’t for the weak hearted. Two weeks no carbs, three meals a day and two snacks; helped me lose five pounds. Doesn’t sound like much but to me that is pretty close to magic. I had some health issues that prevebted me from working out the entire two weeks but I did work … Continue reading Two weeks.

Clean eating

So today my mom and I start our two week clean eating plan. We bought $250 worth of fresh produce and prepped all day yesterday. We started out with a kale, banana, unsweetened unflavored almond milk and almond butter smoothie.  It was fantastic. Lunch is going to be shaved asparagus salad, with feta, and a … Continue reading Clean eating